Panacea Health


Panacea is an online technology platform built to help people and their families. Our software uses a unique architecture which enables us to offer sophisticated solutions and services to a number of markets. Our initial market focus is on the health and healthcare industry, where we offer a new type of social network, messaging, group collaboration, educational tools, media and video libraries, a personal health record system, electronic medical records system, and health data exchange. Inside that architecture we offer a number of services and lines of content which cover areas like psychology, neuroscience, nutrition, rehabilitation, exercise programs, athletic training, medical care, and medical treatments. We use complex proprietary architectures, data models, code systems, and workflows because the models and libraries available to the industries we target have fatal flaws and will never work as is. Our architecture and platform was designed and developed by our founder, who writes many of the standards for the U.S. and global healthcare industries, previously designed complex financial models for Wall St. banks, and completed over $28 billion in financial transactions.

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Panacea Health

CTO and Full Stack Engineer

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